Your love is at the center of everything.  Isn’t it true that love inspires every perfect detail of your wedding day?  From best friends for life in your bridal party, to a beautiful setting for passionate vows, to the rich colors coordinated with flair in each petal and invitation.  Mom, Dad, and newborns to great-grandpas — all who have known your beginnings are there to represent their ongoing love as you start your lives together.  For some, even God is present for the occasion. The culmination of these extraordinary moments makes even a good movie pale in comparison, because your love is real!

And so, we want you to know that we really get the big picture.  We’ll meet and customize your preferences to represent you in the most genuine way.  Kzoom’s artistic videography is creatively edited with your own music, and woven together with special words from you and those you love.  Revealing your love with these meaningful interviews is Kzoom’s most distinctive capability.  We have seen that the deepest romance is often found in unexpected places:  elementary-school friends who fell in love at the bus stop, an overwhelmed groom’s out-of-character tears, or the couple who whispered sincerely, “until death do us part,” having recently lost one of their parents.  Wherever love is found, there is always powerful emotion and beauty.

The result of Kzoom’s unsurpassed style is an account of your love that is timeless and sacred.  Since 2003, it has been our passion to preserve the words, relationships, and feelings of the best day of your life.  Something this great is worth sharing with everyone.  We look forward to hearing from you soon and prioritizing your love first!

Dan Martin (Kalamazoo) 

Joe Robert (Grand Rapids)